shiv poetry

Anjit May 25, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Where Perfumed Rivers Flow Where perfumed rivers flow, Is the home of my beloved. Where passing breezes halt, Is the home of my beloved. Where dawn arrives on bare toes, Where night paints henna-beams on feet, Where fragrance bathes in moonlight, Is the home of my beloved. Where rays of light roam […]

Anjit May 23, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Leaflet A girl whose name is love, is missing, is missing Simple wisher, beautiful looking, is missing, is missing Her looks are like that of fairies Her nature is like that of Mariam When she laughs, the flowers fall When she walks, she looks like a gazal She is tall like the […]

Anjit May 21, 2018

shiv kumar batalvi poem = Separation-you are king Let us speak of separation, Separation is king. A body that does not feel separation, Is dead body. We are all born in the house of separation, We are children of separation, We receive it, we swallow it, We are on this earth to bear it. In […]

Anjit May 19, 2018

Pinch Of Separation Poem by Shiv Kumar Batalvi My songs are like eyes That sting with the grains of separation. In the middle of the night , They wake and weep for dead friends. Mother, I cannot sleep. Soaked in perfume, But the pain does not recede. I foment them With warm sighs, Yet they […]

Anjit May 15, 2018

shiv kumar batalvi Maen Kal Naheen Rahina – Poem Listen, O my life, I will not be here tomorrow. Tonight, let us clutch a song tightly, And claim its kiss. Listen, O my life I will not be here tomorrow. The moonlight will not flower tomorrow, Nor will bloom the champak. Perfumes will not roam […]

Anjit May 14, 2018

SHIV KUMAR BATALVI POEM :The Poor Man Today this poor man Begs you once again, For one more tragedy, For the sake of his pen. It has been an age Since I have drunk of sorrow, Stir tears into pain, Make it twice as fierce. This blank sheet of paper Watches me silently, A caravan […]

Anjit May 12, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi’s Poem is very awesome When the cotton flowers bloom, O noble father, Bring that season back for me, O noble father. Around its neck was the string of separation. On its face were boils of sorrow, Its eyes looked like the water of ruined wells. It had been a song, that when […]

jimmy nagra December 11, 2015

Padna jarur dosto Unke Husn Ka Aalam Na Puchiye Tasveer Ho Gaya Hun Tasveer Dekh Kar Tujhe Kya Khabar Teri Yaad Ne Mujhe Kis Tarah Se Sata Diya Kabhi Akele Me Hansa Diya Kabhi Mehfilon Mai Rula Diya Vj bhatia with shayri Padna jarur dosto Unke husn aalam puchiye of the . Gaya Hun Tasveer […]