shiv poetry

Anjit July 25, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi The Request The sun that you stole Was mine. The house that you threw into darkness, Was mine. The sunshine that smiles in your home, is mine. My life is bleak without it, The odor of my grief is heavy on it, It was mine yesterday and is mine today. It is […]

Anjit July 24, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Butterflies I catch butterflies, I catch butterflies. From the beautiful Flower-scented garden Of life, I catch Golden-colored, blue, Shimmering and yellow ones! I think that if catch them all, From the entire forest. I will jab their butterfly wings To their shoulder. But whenever I try to catch them, My heart begins […]

Anjit July 20, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi The Pan Of Sorrows I will give you the grain of tears, Roast my sorrows in your pan, O, tender of the fire. Tender of the fire, branch of magnolia, Roast my sorrows in your pan. I am late already, The shadows are fading, The cattle have returned, From the forest. The […]

Anjit July 13, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalbi To Be A Bird I wish that I could be a bird That I could fly, that I could sing, That I could touch untouchable peaks, That I could forget the roads of the world, And never return. I would bath luxuriously Drinking long sips of water. By the shore of a […]

Anjit July 12, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Listen mother Listen, mother, My songs are eyes Stinging with grains of separation. In the middle of the night , They wake and weep for dead friends. Mother, I cannot sleep. Upon them I lay strips of moonlight Soaked in perfume, But the pain does not recede. I foment them With warm […]

Anjit July 6, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi My Friend My friend, it is my own sorrow That has destroyed me. It is a lie to think That your love had the strength to do it. I have no complaint against Heat or drought. My garden was destroyed By the dews of spring. It is not the fault Of the […]

Anjit July 5, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Trees Some trees look like sons to me. Some like mothers. Some are daughters, brides, A few like brothers. Some are like my grandfather, Sparsely leafed. Some like my grandmother Who threw choori to the crows. Some trees are like the friends I used to kiss and embrace. One is my beloved […]

Anjit July 5, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Umara De Sarvar From this life-pond, o my song Fill your beak With the water of my existence. It will not stay until tomorrow – The radiance of pain, Or the swans of grief. Fill your beak today. Listen ,o my song, Life-ponds are deceptive, They dry up in a flash. The […]

Anjit July 3, 2018

Shiv Kumar Batalvi Ishtehaar A girl whose name is Love Is lost. Simple, beautiful, She is lost. Her beauty, ethereal Virtuous, like Mary, Her laughter, blossoms falling, Her gait, a poem. Tall as a cypress, Barely alight, Yet she undertands the language of a glance. It has been ages since she was lost Yet it […]