Delhi – Cop takes bullet to save young colleague who just became dad

NEW DELHI: In the middle of a furious gunfight with gangsters on Sunday, sub-inspector Bijender Singh Deshwal used his body as a shield and took a bullet meant for a younger 25-year-old colleague, head constable Gurdeep Singh, who had become a father three months ago, according to Deshwal’s son, Ashish.<>

Deshwal was shot near the chest in the firefight with Rajesh Bharti and three members of his gang. After the four gangsters had been killed, another SI, Raj Singh, drove six of his colleagues to a nearby hospital despite being shot in the arm.

Eight special cell personnel were injured in the shootout. Senior police officers said a head constable, Girdhar, has been shifted to a private hospital for treatment while four police officers are still recuperating from bullet wounds in the trauma centre. Three others have been discharged from hospital.

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