Road Map of Punjab, India

Punjab, India

Punjab State of India, spread across 50,362.0 Square Kilometres area. Has population 27,743,338 on year 2011. It has 3 River(s) that is Beas River, Sutlej River, Ravi River. Rivers divide the people in various aspects of life. They differ in the languages spoken, Major of them is Punjabi Language. The capital of Punjab is Chandigarh. Punjab State was formed in the year 26. Jan. 1950. The governor of Punjab is Shivraj Patil. while the present chief minister of Punjab is Parkash Singh Badal. It has a number of beautiful tourist places. Some of which are Golden Temple, Jallianwalla Bagh, Rock Garden, Leisure Valley. Festivals have great connection to music , dance clothes and foods. The most liked and famous dance of the Punjab region is Bhangra Dance And Music.

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Road Map Punjab, India

Road Map of Punjab, India

Hybrid Satellite Map of Punjab

Hybrid Satellite Map of Punjab, India